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Untold Stories

European merchants in other parts of Africa.

 It was not in Ghana alone that the Europeans merchants settled in order to trade. They went to other parts of Africa too. For example, soon after the Portuguese arrived in what is today Ghana, they also started to trade with the people of southern Nigeria, Chiefly in Benin, and …

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Frontiers of modern Ghana.

Quite early on, the British began on mark out the frontiers, or furthest boundaries, of southern Ghana. They story of the northern frontiers is quite different. It was a long time before British officials visited the north. For many years, that part of the country was not surveyed. The Europeans …

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The Pan-African Congresses, 1900-1945.

In the nearly half century between 1900 and 1945 various political leaders and intellectuals from Europe, North America, and Africa met six times to discuss colonial control of Africa and develop strategies for eventual African political liberation. In the article that follows, historian Saheed Adejumobi describes the goals and objectives …

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The Edina Bakatue Festival (more to history)

   The Bakatue Festival is celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Elmina in theCentral region of Ghana.[1] The festival, established at least as far back as 1847, is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of July every year.[1] The Dutch reported existence of the festival at least …

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